Terms of Services


1. Agreement determines the main rights and obligations between Client and Bestmoneychanger when the client registers on website and uses services provided by Bestmoneychanger.

2. The present Agreement is a document of significant importance which shall be carefully examined by the Client before the Client decides to register in the Website and use Services provided by Bestmoneychanger. The present Agreement defines specific risks which may arise when using the Website and provides guidelines for safe use of the Website.

3. In order to start using Bestmoneychanger services, the Client has to register in the Websie and create an account. Client authentication and registration in the website is implemented in compliance with applicable legal requirements. In order for the Client to be properly authenticated in the Website, the Client is asked to provide the login information known only to him / her.

4. The right to register in the Website have individuals at least 18 years old.

5. Creating and having an account is for free except special cases provided by Bestmoneychanger.

6. By clicking on the button in the Website indicating that the Client agrees with the provisions of the Agreement, it shall be deemed that Client have read and agree to the terms of this Agreement and undertake to comply with them.

7. The Client confirms that s/he provided the correct data when registering in the Website and, if there is a need in changing or adding data, the Client will submit correct personal and/or his representative data.

8. Bestmoneychanger has the right to demand data and (or) documents that would help Bestmoneychanger identify the Client and (or) receive significant information necessary for proper provision of Bestmoneychanger Services to the Client.

9. The Client's login name and password, the other information entered during client authentication is considered as confidential information, in this case, the Client obligates to protect this information, do not allow for third parties to use Services under the name of the Client and notify Bestmoneychanger immediately if the third party found out Client's confidential information.

10. The Client confirms that has carefully studied the Prices and Terms of Payment Transfers indicated in the Website and other Bestmoneychanger Services that are applied and relevant to the Client.

11. The Client shall check information about Payment operations properly before perform the transaction, such as amount of money to be transfer, recipient account number and recipient name, any damage that cause by the client mistake will be fully responsible by the Client.

12. Bestmoneychanger has the right to unilaterally amend and (or) supplement conditions of the Agreement without notice.

13. In the event of a reasonable suspicion that money laundering, terrorist financing or other criminal activity is being executed through the Client, Bestmoneychanger has the right to suspend provision of the services to the Client without giving explanation or notice.

14. Bestmoneychanger has the right to terminate the Agreement unilaterally and refuse to provide services without indicating the reason.


Client using Bestmoneychanger services is prohibited from:

1. not complying with the Terms of the Agreement, the Supplements to the Agreement, legislation and other legal acts, including but not limited to, anti-money laundering and counters-terrorist financing acts;

2. executing or receiving transfers of illegally acquired funds, if the Client is aware of or should be aware of it;

3. using services of Bestmoneychanger in a way which causes losses, responsibility or other negative legal or financial consequences or damage to business reputation of Bestmoneychanger or third persons;

4. spreading computer viruses and undertaking other actions that could cause Website malfunctions, information damage or destruction and other damage to the Bestmoneychanger website;

5. buying, converting or managing in any other ways in illegal virtual currency;

6. providing services that are prohibited by the law or contradict public order and moral principles;

7. logging in to the System as an anonymous user (e.g. via proxy servers);

8. disclosing Passwords and other personalized safety features of Payment instruments to third persons and allowing other persons to use Services under the name of the Client;


Bestmoneychanger does not guarantee uninterrupted Website operation, because System operation may be influenced (disordered) by many factors beyond control of Bestmoneychanger. Bestmoneychanger shall put all efforts to secure as fluent System operation as possible, however, Bestmoneychanger shall not be liable for consequences originating not due to the fault of Bestmoneychanger.

Bestmoneychanger is not liable for:

1. for illegal actions and transactions of third persons performed using counterfeited and (or) illegal documents or illegally received data;

2. errors, overdue payments, deferred funds made by banks, electronic money institutions and other third parties;

3. consequences arising due to disturbances of fulfillment of any Bestmoneychanger obligations caused by a third party which is beyond control of Bestmoneychanger;

4. consequences arising after Bestmoneychanger legally terminates the Agreement, cancels Client’s Account access to it, also after reasonable limitation or termination of provision of a part of the Services;

5. for a failure to fulfill its own contractual obligations and damages, in case it was caused due to Bestmoneychanger fulfilling duties determined by the law.