Easy Way to Make Money up to 25% with Payeer referral program

Payeer is an internet wallet designed to handle cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. This tool appeared on the market in 2013 and continues to enjoy great trust among users. The vast majority of investment programs and professional profit-making websites use the services of this payment processor.

Aside from using Payeer as an online payment, each user of the payment system can receive additional income from attracting people to the Payeer. The service has launched a multi-level referral program. Under its terms, partners get up to 25% of Payeer.com income.

But recently, the payment system has increased partner deductions to 40%. Their value depends on the amount of funds spent by the users you attracted.
The current affiliate percentage is displayed in the "My referrals" section. The initial value is 10%. Visit https://payeer.com for more information about their affiliate program.

Frequently asked question about the Payeer affiliate program

Question: Does Payeer have a referral program?

Answer: Yes. It's and it's still working today as far as we know.

Question: What is the reward when you refer someone to Payeer?

Answer: 25% off all transactions

Question: How does Payeer's refer-a-friend program work?

Answer: 6 levels of referrals, up to 25% off all transactions. Instant payments, a lot of withdrawal methods available.

Question: Where can I find my Payeer referral link?

Answer: payeer.com/en/account/referrals/

Question: Where can I promote my Payeer promo link?

Answer: On top of private messages, website, forum and social medias...

Question: What are the required actions to secure the referral rewards?

Answer: Use your referral link

Question: Do I have to be a Payeer customer?

Answer: Nope! Anyone can refer people to Payeer and earn rewards.

Question: Are there any fees to participate in the referral program?

Answer: Nope! It's free!

Question: Is this program valid worldwide?

Answer: As far as we know, it works everywhere


How to register in Payeer:

1. go to the payeer.com service website;

2. click on the “Create an account” button in the center of the page;

3. specify email in the window that opens;

4. enter the security code;

5. study the rules of the service, since registration confirms the user’s automatic consent to all the conditions;

6. click “Create an account”;

7. in the field that opens, enter the password and duplicate it;

8. specify the code word and account name;

9. click on the inscription “Next”.

When all actions are completed, the password is not sent to the mail for security reasons. After registration, all data is indicated on the page. After that, the data for entering your personal account will be displayed. The system will prompt you to keep them in a safe place. After clicking on the “I saved” button, you can go to your personal account and start using the functionality of the service. You can also change the suggested password and secret word immediately, during registration.

The secret word does not need to be entered every time you enter. It is requested only when access to the wallet is restored

How to log in to your Payeer account:

1. Log in to the official page of the service.
2. Click on the “Login” button, which is located at the top right.
3. Enter the Account Number and password that the user specified on the platform during the registration process.
4. Click on "Go Next"

Payeer Verification

In order to enjoy the full benefits of Payeer, you would need to get verified/personalized.

However, Payeer verification isn’t easy. They don’t accept voter’s cards and driver’s licenses as proofs of nationality. What they accept is a government-issued plastic ID card (like national ID card) or best, international passport. Forget about an NIMS slip, whether laminated or not.

It’s best to use international passport as a proof of nationality.

Your proof of address can be utility bills. The utility bill you use must be recent – issued within 3 months. You can also use your 3-month bank statement, which is very effective. The bank statement must be stamped and signed by your bank.

In our experience, it’s best to use a 3-month bank statement, showing your address and stamped and signed by your bank. The statement can be for your Naira account and your domiciliary account.

Finally, use a high resolution scanner or a very high resolution smartphone camera to scan the documents. All the edges and details must show clearly, with no edits, bends, roughness or fades.

If you can do this, you’d get verified quickly. Then you can start enjoying your Payeer account.

Note: Without verification, you can use Payeer. But verification would open you to additional features.

Payeer deposit and withdrawal options

Payeer wallet allows doing the same within the system. It is possible to deposit and withdraw money with: Visa Qiwi Wallet, AdvCash, Yandex Money, Perfect Money, Solid TrustPay, Skrill, Bitcoin, Neteller, Wire, ePayments, Webmoney, MoneyGram, FasaPay and in other ways. The platform has integrated 150 payment systems, which can help to find the suitable one.

Payeer Fees

Fees are the same for the verified and the unverified users. Current rates:

- International money transfer: free of charge;
- Currency exchange: 2% of the amount of exchange, regardless of currency type;
- Replenishment: free of charge;
- Output: from 0% to 5%;
- Notifications by SMS: $ 0.05 per notification;
- Password recovery: usually free;$ 50 if the account password is automatically restored;
- Transfers between the accounts are free of charge;
- The system takes 0.95% of the payment received (if HYIP uses the API).

Advantages and disadvantages

Taking into account the reviews about Payeer, the following advantages of the system can be distinguished:

1. Anonymity. Verification is provided on a voluntary basis. Most users prefer to create anonymous email accounts. Accounts are verified mainly by businessmen who connect Payeer to their website.

2. Convenient interface. Many services have outdated sites with complex interfaces. You have to search for the information you need for a long time, which does not suit users. The owners of payeer wallets note that the site of the system looks much more presentable compared to others.

3. Instant international transfers. The payment system is used by people from many countries, since instant transfers are available to them regardless of the time of day and the country of destination of transfers. This is ensured by the use of modern technologies aimed at high speed of data processing.

4. Extensive functionality. You can not only transfer money. An internal currency and Bitcoin exchanger is provided at a favorable rate, as well as payment for most popular services.

5. A wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. There are over 100 options available to top up your wallet. A similar number of options are offered for withdrawing money.

6. Safety. One of the most important points that people pay attention to when choosing a payment system. Everything is in order with security in Payeer: a multi-level data protection system is provided, including a master key.

7. Customers consider the only drawback of Payeer to be commissions for replenishing the wallet. The transaction is charged up to 5% of the amount. It should be noted that this shortcoming is compensated by the fact that the commission for internal transfers is reduced to 0.5%.

The financial platform offers significantly more opportunities than many other competitors. The usefulness of the payment functions depends on the plans to use the account.

Payeer Benefits

After all, the business which uses the Payeer wallet in order to process online payments depends greatly on the needs of the person paying for the goods on the Internet.

The list of useful features:

- Zero or low commission;
- Sending payments to any place in the world;
- A wide range of money deposit and withdrawal methods;
- Instant and flexible transactions between HYIP-programs;
- Mass payments, making it easy to send money and process transactions;
- Exchange service;International SWIFT transfers;
- Deposit funds through SWIFT and credit cards;
- Automatic transfers to banks (bank cards);
- Simple registration (you need only email address);
- High level of protection (IP security, SMS security);
- Virtual cards (as a replacement for real cards)Multicurrency accounts;
- Instant transfer of funds;
- Affiliate program;
- The account is not frozen;
- IOS app.

Payeer – Buy, Sell or Exchange

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In mostly cases currency exchange will be instant and with low fees. XMLGold is one of the most reliable online currency exchange platform, works already more than 12 years (since 2006).


At present, there are so many payment processors now that it is not easy for traders and consumers to decide which one is the best. Having multiple payment processors makes it difficult to select the best for merchants and consumers.

Payeer wallet is one of the best options between online e-currency e-wallets. It offers freedom and security. If you are looking for a new payment processor, in this case, it is advisable to test Payeer wallet and login your personal account to learn more about its capabilities. Payeer wallet can be useful for you, especially if you are managing an online store. This is a great way for consumers to buy goods without trouble and limitations. If you get tired of the platform used for online settlements, take a closer look at this payment system.